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Textile Product Analysis

FASH 241

This course is where we were taught the basics of sewing


Apparel Illustration

FASH 330

We learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. This is the course where I designed "Nocturnal"

Advanced Apparel Construction

FASH 350

Learned how to make patterns and manipulate existing patterns.

Business of Fashion

FASH 351

Showed us the business side of fashion

Fashion Sketching

FASH 230

Improved my knowledge of drawing the human body and also how to draw fabrics. This is where I created "Enchanted Forest"


History of Dress I and II

FASH 320 and 323

Brought us back to ancient Greece explaining the changes in fashion all the way up the 21st century.

Production Development: Technical Design

FASH 442

Taught us how to make tech packs and what process the fabrics go through in factories.

Sustainability in Fashion

FASH 440

Taught us how big of a carbon footprint the fashion industry has and how to be more sustainable in our own projects.

Textile Global Sourcing

FASH 340

Showed us the process of the communication process between the companies and their factories.

Textiles and Materials

FASH 341

Expanded our minds with the knowledge of all different types of fabrics

Apparel Design I and II

FASH 460 and 461

Encouraged us to design forty outfits and narrow it down to four to create. They let us have full creative control, no restrictions so we could really express ourselves. Draping was also taught in this course so I could have the knowledge of multiple ways to make patterns.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

FASH 331

Taught us how to us Gerber AccuMark.


FASH 451

Taught us how to drape properly.

Fashion Show

FASH 497

UNA is hosting the 3rd Annual Shoals Designer Showcase. I am a chair member leading the "Looks" Team and since I am a senior I will be featured in the show. I plan on having five looks.

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