About Me


I am a programmer who discovered the art and science of game development at the age of 14. Ever since, I’ve taken an acquisitive nature towards both my studies and personal projects. Currently, I am attending DigiPen Institute of Technology, studying to get my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation.

I find myself fascinated by many aspects of game development; whether it be physics, audio, AI, graphics, animation, gameplay, tools, or engine architecture. During the past two years I’ve been able to exercise these interests in a variety of ways, all while developing some unforgettable projects with even more unforgettable teams. To see what we’ve worked on, please refer to the “Projects” page above.

Kind Words



Andrew Marquis: Founder / Creative Director at Dead Alien Cult Ltd.

“Jordan was a very great asset to our project and team and helped us reach a lot of our goals in a short amount of time. He’s easily one of the most hard working and professional people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with and is a very skilled programmer and problem solver who’s very proactive and organized as well. Beyond all of this, Jordan’s just a very cool and fun person to have on any team!”

Worked with Jordan on: Viking Ghost


Dimitri Tolios: Technical Product Manager at BloomNation

“I’m really thankful I got to work with [Jordan] on a project. I’ve worked with a couple software teams over the past few years and I’ll tell you, there aren’t many engineers that have [Jordan’s] work ethic.”

Worked with Jordan on: Viking Ghost


Jason Burch: Production Intern at Fun Bits Interactive

“Jordan is an absolute sponge for knowledge. His resourcefulness and determination are his most active strengths. His talent for math and physics really shined when he worked on our Physics Engine on the game Genetic Drift. Along with his deep fascination with Sound Engine Implementation. Overall, Jordan is a pleasure to work with and is incredibly bright.”

Worked with Jordan on: Agamemnon, Genetic Drift, Purgatory (In Development)


Jacob Nelson: Student at Digipen Institute of Technology

“Jordan is an extremely hard worker with a fiery spirit for programming. I have spent a school semester, at DigiPen: Institute of Technology, working with Jordan on a Video Game Team; within that time, he has convinced me of his extra-ordinary passion for his work. Jordan is not afraid to put in his all for everything he accomplishes!”

Worked with Jordan on: Orpheus