Currently working with the developer tools team.



Programmer – Physics/Tools/Gameplay/AI/Animation

High Concept:

Rafflesia is a sci-fi cooperative split-screen first-person shooter where the players assume the roles of two exterminator called in to take out a colossal plant. Rafflesia, a corpse flower, has taken root in a sewage facility and could potentially do catastrophic damage to the neighboring metropolis. The exterminators are in for one epic battle to keep the city clean.

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Team (Bear King):

    CJ Payne – Lead Designer, Producer
    Garrett Huxtable – Designer
    Berne Capone – Designer
    Austin Brunkhorst – Technical Director
    Matt Yan – Graphics Programmer
    Jordan Ellis – Physics & Gameplay Programmer
    Chad George – Gameplay Programmer
    Joshua Shlemmer – AI Programmer
    Hyung Jun Park – Animation Programmer
    Jason Burch – Audio Programmer, Producer
    Brenna Anderson – Lead Artist
    Michael Alex Schabbing – Animator
    Gwendolyn Stickney – Environment Artist
    Tori Kindall – Artist
    John Henke – Lead Sound Designer
    Justin Jacox – Composer
    Eric Klassen – Sound Designer
    Rebecca Mayfield – Voice Actress

Additional Audio Assets:

    Thornton Prime
    Lawrence Schwedler
    DigiPen R&D

Special Thanks:

    Nathan Carlson
    Hiago Desena
    Kevin Sheehan
    Cody Duncan


Viking Ghost




Game Systems Documentation


Ursine Math

UrsineMath is a small linear math library with SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) optimizations. It is a research project at heart, and is still very much so a work in progress.

Features Include:

  • SSE4.1 intrinsics and below
  • Vector, Matrix, Quaternion classes
  • Extensive test suite

These math libraries served as great learning resources and sources of inspiration:

Target Platforms:

  • Windows (MSVC)
  • OS X & Linux (GCC / Clang)


Genetic Drift

Programmer – Physics/Audio/AI/Graphics

High Concept:

Genetic Drift is a top-down, twin-stick shooter where you spend points on abilities to choose your play style.

Download Genetic Drift


Team (Bear King):

    CJ Payne – Designer, Gameplay Programmer
    Jason Burch – Producer, Gameplay Programmer
    Austin Brunkhorst – Technical Director
    Jordan Ellis – Physics Programmer
    Josh Shlemmer – Gameplay Programmer
    Thornton Prime – Composer, Audio Designer
    Caitlyn Jackson – Lead Artist
    Tori Fulton – UI Artist
    Taylor Barron – Environment Artist


Dynamic Planning in Games:
the GOAP Approach

The video below shows our implementation of GOAP (Goal-Oriented Action Planning) in action. The white character on the screen is user controlled, while the rest are A.I. controlled, running the GOAP system. There are three different behaviors demonstrated in the video: aggressive, passive, and a blend of the two. You can learn more about our implementation by reading the research paper below, checking out the source code at this public repository, or by shooting me an e-mail with your questions.


Ursine 2D Physics

Ursine 2D Physics was created during the first semester of my Sophomore year at DigiPen. It was used during the development of our Sophomore game project entitled “Genetic Drift”.

For me personally, this project was a huge learning experience, marking my first introduction into the world of simulation programming. I have plans to continually grow my knowledge of physics engine development in the future, as it has become an extreme interest of mine.

Features Include:

  • 2D Rigidbody Dynamics
  • Polygon and Ellipse Collision Detection (GJK / EPA)
  • Collider Compositing
  • Collision Events
  • Iterative Solving
  • Warm Starting
  • Contact Caching
  • Distance Joints
  • Raycasting


Prefab Brush

“Prefab Brush” is a tool I had created for the Unity Game Engine.

It is a prefab placement tool that simulates the use of a painter’s brush, allowing the user to rapidly place objects and create unique environments in seconds.



Programmer – Gameplay/Graphics/Audio

High Concept:

Agamemnon is a fast-paced 2D top-down adventure survival horror utilizing lighting, puzzle mechanics, and semi-linear exploration.


Taking place throughout an abandoned and crumbling apartment complex in a post apocalyptic world, a story unravels unlike any other. A journal tells the story of a father and a daughter, both living in this building, struggling to survive in these harsh conditions. As you explore you’ll soon find that you are not alone; that the darkness is just as mysterious as the story within the journal. Keep a candle in hand as you witness the story unfold, and gradually understand your role.

Download Agamemnon


Team (Bear King):

    Austin Brunkhorst – Technical Director, Programmer
    Christopher Hendricks – Designer, Programmer
    Jason Burch – Designer, Programmer
    Jordan Ellis – Producer, Programmer
    Thorton Prime – Composer, Audio Director
    Caitlyn Jackson – Concept Artist
    Linus Chan – Art Director
    Conor Kamps – Environment Artist
    Jon Sourbeer – Voice Actor



Programmer – Gameplay/UI/AI

High Concept:

2D top-down turn-based rogue-like dungeon crawler with RPG elements, created with Digipen’s Zero Engine.


In a post-apocalyptic fantasy world setting, a catastrophic magical event wiped out much of the world’s population. This event led to the birth of Nomads, or those who are born with magical powers. Practicing magic was swiftly banned by the surviving Kingdom of Humanity who viewed magic as being evil and the cause of the apocalypse. The persecution of Nomads became widespread and our hero, Orpheus, is among the few that remain. He has been thrown into the depths below where he must find freedom.

Download Orpheus

Team (Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies):

    Jacob Nelson – Programmer
    Linus Chan – Designer & Artist
    Aleck Henderson – Sound Designer
    Jordan Ellis – Programmer